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Work at Deep Dale, Eastfield - advice from Scarborough Borough Council 14/3/2014

Participatory Budget Results, 2014

Eastfield Parish Council's web site went live on 1st September 2008 and is a way of letting more people know about the Parish Council, what it does and what is discussed at Parish Council meetings. As at 1 December 2011, there were 4,068 voters and 2,404 rateable domestic properties in Eastfield.

This site includes Minutes of meetings (from 1.1.08), Agenda for meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees, planning applications/decisions (from 2007 onwards), notices and other things related to the Parish Council and Eastfield.

The Parish Council has eleven Councillors and looks after the interests of the parish and its inhabitants. Everyone is welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, where there is always a chance for members of the public to ask questions or raise matters of concern. If you can't get to a meeting, speak to any of the Councillors, or the Clerk, who can raise the issue on your behalf.

Full Parish Council meetings are on the evening of the last Monday of the month. Meetings of Council's 3 committees (Environment, Finance and Planning) are generally held on Monday mornings. Click here for the full schedule of meetings.

If you have any suggestions for ways in which the site could be improved, things you would like to see on the site, or you live in the parish and would like a link to your web site, then

please email email the Clerk, Mr S. Simpson






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